Private Lessons- 5 Lesson Series

The best way to jump-start your understanding of the Alexander Technique and begin the process of changing your habits, a lesson series will leave you feeling empowered through increased awareness of your own bodily responses and understanding of the foundational tools of the technique that will put new movement capabilities in your conscious control. Additionally, booking a series of lessons saves you $10 off the cost of each individual lesson. Each lesson lasts 1 hour.



5 Lessons- $125-$350 depending on income.

Lessons canceled with less than 24-hour notice will be subject to $40 cancellation fee.​

Private Lessons- Single Lesson

The same one-on-one learning environment as the series, but with greater flexibility for those with changing weekly schedules or not ready to commit to a full series. These lessons will build in each student the ability to notice their own physical and mental habits, give them tools for assessing if these habits improve the individual's use or cause unnecessary tension, and provides means for making better bodily choices. 


$35-80/hour depending on income- Payment due at time of the lesson

Lessons canceled with less than 24-hour notice will be subject to $40 cancellation fee.



Specialty Workshops

Do you work with a group of professionals with specific physical demands? Let me build a workshop or group class series tailored specifically to your group/profession's needs!

Workshops range from one off events that last 2-hours, to a weekly group series with sessions lasting 1-hour each. 

Pricing subject to group size and if this a repeating class or one time event. Please contact Sarah if interested.

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