Alexander Technique


I am an AmSat Certified Alexander Technique Teacher working in Eugene, Oregon and the surrounding neighborhoods. 

My own discovery of the Alexander Technique began after sustaining repetitive injuries in my young career as a modern dancer and choreographer. After having foot surgery in 2012, I began asking myself a similar question to the one FM Alexander asked himself over a century ago- "What am I doing to myself that is causing my injuries?"  In researching various therapies and teaching philosophies, the Alexander Technique struck me as the most in-depth, most practical, and most widely applicable teaching technique. My pursuit of the AmSat Certification has proved all my ideas about the technique to be true.

Not only do I find the Alexander Technique to be a powerfully effective tool for self-change, but I believe that the study of Somatics, meaning systems for creating awareness between parts of the self and the self with its environment, to be a source of untapped potential for deeper connection and social justice within communities.

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Student Testimony

"It is a pleasure working with Sarah. With her skillful guidance and sure, gentle touch, she has

given me valuable insights into the habitual ways I move through the world. Of course, insight is

just the first step in achieving the powerful modifications she suggests, and Sarah is also a

terrific motivator. She ably provides feedback and encouragement to help me maintain the

practice I need in order to change my habits. I have learned how to sit and stand more

comfortably and naturally, how to climb stairs more efficiently, and how to relax my throat for

a more powerful and resonant speaking voice. I recommend her, without reservation, as an

Alexander Technique teacher." - Cee R.R.

"Working with Sarah is a dream. She is attentive, kind, intuitive, encouraging, direct, and extremely adaptable when it comes to addressing the changing ailments and habits of the human body and its many mysteries. The Technique has taught me, really reinforced me, to become wholly aware of my body, my movement, and my whole self. Every movement has meaning and consequence, and the body needs to take up space. Sarah's guidance through the discoveries of the Alexander Technique has been a joy and something I always look forward to in each lesson. I want every human to experience Sarah's knowledge of the Technique as a supplement to daily life." - Michelle M.

"As an actor I am very aware of my bodily movement while telling a story onstage but in my day-to-day life I had no idea how many inefficient and potentially harmful habits I had allowed to creep in. Working with Sarah has given me an awareness of my body and habitual postures and movements, the anatomical knowledge to understand why/how these habits weren't utilizing my body's natural efficiency and the guidance to help me operate in a comfortable and relaxed way both onstage and off.

The Alexander Technique is a necessity for absolutely everyone." - James N.

"The Alexander Technique has been the most life changing thing I've ever done for the physical health of my musculoskeletal body.  I breathe easier, stand taller, sleep better, experience more freedom of movement, and I experience dramatically less pain because of AT.  I continue to be amazed at the ways this practice has empowered me to feel more connected to my body and I am grateful for the amount of pain it relieves. 

Working with Sarah has been a really wonderful partnership.  I say 'partnership' because Sarah really does feel like that.  She's warm, supportive and kind.  Working through new ways to use your body can feel exciting and relieving, but also at times, vulnerable. Sarah has a steady hand, tone, and space that encourages change and supports a stubborn head if it needs a moment to learn a very new or different practice.  She has worked at my pace and I have never felt pushed but I feel like I am always moving forward & up." - Kate A.